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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 25, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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you get your snoring under control. the news continues with brook baldwin. >> good afternoon to you. let's get to the tug-of-war on the credit limit. within the past hour we have been given we'll call it dueling debt ceiling plans, two different paths raising the debt ceiling and ensuring flow of checks to america's creditors. one plan comes from harry reid and democrats and the other from house speaker john boehner and republicans. the question is could one of the latest plans make it through congress and meet with the he approval of the president. is it herd ling towards a disaster. eight days away. let's get to my colleague looking through the latest iterations, plans.
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live on capitol hill correspondent. you've been following ins and o outs. i want to begin with the one offered in the last hour we heard from senate majority leader harry reid. what's in the latest plan. >> i was realizing this is $2.7 trillion in proposed cuts, brooke, on two sides of a piece of paper. obviously details need to be filled in what they are proposing raise it by this month, cut by this month. the cuts include $1 trillion immediately in discretionary spending. also a lot of money from war money. he's saying as afghanistan and iraq wrap up, there's about a trillion dollars in savings. that's kind of controversial, brooke, because republicans don't count that money. but bottom line, $2.7 trillion all in savings cuts.
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you might like all them. that's what he's saying. he has a longer term committee in here but it would just make recommendations for long-term reform, really would have a vote on that but wouldn't force those reforms to happen. >> so i want to look at this plan here that you now have. i want to look at what supporters would say and also opponents. from everything i've been reading trying to keep up with all of this, the big difference here from the democrats' side there's no mention of revenue increases, correct? >> huge concession from democrats. the whole time democrats say there must be revenue on the table, republicans say they can't be. now democrats are dropping that huge demand. here is what supporters would say. this plan gets it done. they would say we're out of time. we're in the going to push for all of our demands anymore. we are backing down in the interest of the country. that's what democrats will say. republicans say, wait a minute, we think this is a setup. we don't think these spending
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cuts do as much as you say. he don't believe $1 trillion in war money is necessarily real. we also think this doesn't do enough long-term. they say this is not as hefty as democrats claim. does that make sense? >> sure. let me point something out, though. we know harry reid said something that made us wonder, talking about the tea party influence in the different debates and discussions. take a listen and i'll pose a question on the other side. >> we should not let extremists democrat outcome of the debate or the direction of the country. the time ideological extremism should end. now is the time for cooperation and consensus building. >> has this process, lisa d, has this gone too far for cooperation and consensus building? are these two sides just too far apart? >> you know what's funny,
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brooke, as i heard the news conference i was writing down the figures. i thought and tweeted out, i don't think these plans are too far apart. these two sides have been very far coming into this. to be honest this doesn't wash with me as much right now. we'll get into -- you'll get into the republican plan coming out right now. >> less talk about that. house speaker john boehner, he's been talking to the president back and forth. we know those talks ended over the weekend. that was a breakdown. proposed a new plan, recently came out in the last hour. what is he proposing? >> how about harry reid, $2.7 trillion in cuts. john boehner $2.8 trillion. so .1 trillion difference. the main difference is how they do it. john boehner would like to do it in two parts. give you a trillion in debt increase and $1.6 trillion next year if -- this is the main difference here, brooke, next year if a committee passes long-term reform and if congress
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and the president approve that long-term reform. this is where talks broke down over the weekend. republicans say we want this committee to put through long-term reform. only if that passes will we let the debt ceiling go up next year. democrats, if you want to talk supporters, opponents of john boehner's plan say that's too dangerous. that again puts the debt ceiling in the middle of the political battle and that we will just have this debate again next year. republicans say, no, we need it. >> i'll talk to brianna keilar at the white house. she'll reiterate the point. the president said time and time e-mail veto the plan to use his phrase kicking the can down the road. we know he wants a long-term fix. this is something we all face deadlines we are eight days, lisa, from the debt ceiling deadline. we've heard from secretary geithner. we knew this date was coming since january.
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why? why are members of congress waiting until it's almost too late. we're reporters. we basically only operate on deadlines so i can't throw stones too far. i'm not a member of congress nor do i necessarily want to be. i think, brooke, maybe i'm being a little too open here, after watching this months and months, these are obviously very smart men and women in the capital, very smart politically. brooke, i have to say after watching this last week when it comes to thinking about long-term future of the company, when it comes to planning ahead for future generations, these guys are acting like idiots. there's nothing else you can say. they really are looking short-term and not long-term. >> lisa, i thank you for helping us understand both sides of the latest version of these plans. as i mentioned let's go to my colleague brianna keilar, live at the white house. brianna, let's ask you here, gosh, can either of these latest plans satisfy the president? what are you hearing at the white house? >> well, brooke, we know that
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the president has already rejected the boehner plan. this was discussed last night at the white house with democratic leaders. we're still waiting for official reaction to the reid plan. let's look at each one and see where the president objects. on the boehner plan you have house republicans saying this is a two-part plan. the way the white house, senate democrats feel this is a two-part plan, the second increase in the debt ceiling that would need to happen around february or march isn't necessarily guaranteed and the way the plan is set up, we would see a whole big debate, this kind of receipt or cal brawl we've been seeing go on for weeks, we'll see this all over again and the white house wants to avoid that. the issue is if there's some way to change that second part, second increase in the debt ceiling, perhaps this is the thinking, the white house might be more amenable to it. that's the impasse in the discussions between democrats and republicans on the hill.
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on the reid plan what's interesting is obviously senate majority leader reid has been talking to president obama and you have senate democrats working closely with the white house, but there's also something if you listen to what the president wants, a balanced plan, tackle entitlement reform he's talking about and what democrats want tax increases, this balance plan. you just said it, reid plan does not include it, $2.7 trillion in cuts and the debt ceiling. is that ideal for what the president says he wants? no. the sense is as we get closer to the deadline here, the president may just have to go ahead and sign whatever will get through congress. >> how do we go, brianna keilar, from now until one of these plans gets the final stamp of approval. does this one vote go to the house to see how that may pass through, or the reid plan? what does the president do in the meantime. >> in the meantime he's keeping an open line of communication
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with republicans. we heard that. we know he placed a call to speaker boehner yesterday, brooke. really the communication the white house is having right now we know from sources is much more with senate democrats. the white house is more included in or connected into what they are doing. at this point, though, those discussions going on before everything fell apart over the weekend between senate democrats and house republicans, the white house was not involved in those discussions. right now there's a lot of just looking at what's happening on capitol hill. this is going to be a crazy week. we're going to be seeing a lot of meetings. we'll be seeing -- there will be a lot of conversations, conversations and meetings we don't even necessarily know about as we've learned from the last several weeks, brooke. >> eight days to go brianna keilar. a busy day ahead of us as you mentioned. a whole other piece of the whole thing, the markets. everything is keeping one eye on the financial markets, too as we move perilously close -- i can
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say that three times -- to the august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling. let's go to senior correspondent allan chernoff at the american stock exchange. you've been watching numbers. i know it was one of the first things i did this morning. so far how would you describe? fairly muted? are we surprised? >> brooke, i'd say wall street is pretty calm at the moment. we had a sizable drop right at the opening bell. about 145 points, just about a half hour into the trade. but as the days progressed, the downward pressure has actually eased. right now the dow is off two-thirds of one percent. the nasdaq down one-half of one percent. the market most sensitive to negotiations, the u.s. treasury bond market. treasury bonds are just off sleetly meaning their yields are up. they move inversely, so they are up a bit. no panic here. if the u.s. were to default on
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its debt, washington would have to pay far more to borrow money. you know who ultimately would bear that expense? us, the taxpayers. for now wall street is calm. >> calm but still eight days away. as we get closer, allan, she we anticipate jitters in negative numbers the end of this week, beginning of next? >> nobody knows for sure, but it certainly is within the realm of possibility. what we really need to be concerned about here is not just are they going to raise the debt ceiling, what wall street also wants to see is a solid deal to reduce spending. that's exactly what the credit analysts on wall street have said. even if we get a deal to raise the debt ceiling, it's still possible that the credit rating agencies are going to downgrade the debt of the united states of america. let me tell you, that would be
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very, very bad news and the markets are not going to like that a bit if it happens. we don't know. >> we don't know it right. allan chernoff in new york. allan, thank you. coming up next, the man says he's the one that slaughtered people in norway. does the manifesto give clues to the question of why. plus -- ♪ >> listen to her. she had the voice. she had the stardom. but amy winehouse also had a deadly addiction. is that what killed her? back in a moment. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. i've tried it. but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this.
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a nation in mourning today talking about norway, deep shock and sadness bringing an estimated 150,000 people to the streets there at the capital, the capital of oslo, paying somber tribute to the 76 people killed in norway's worst act of terrorism ever. those who died when a massive car bomb exploded in the center of the city and then the horrific shooting that followed leaving nearly 70 people dead, most of them teenagers. it all was unfolding during the show on friday. then of course through the weekend, a portrait slowly began to develop of the man who claims he acted alone when he set off the bomb and opened fire on the youth camp 20 miles from oslo. today that man here in the red sweaters anders behring breivik, believed to be a right wing christian extremist, with radical views of other religions, cultures, has
12:16 pm
reportedly confessed to both attacks. today he and before a judge who held him for a court date two months from now. investigators are sifting through details of this enormous manifesto they believe breivik wrote and put online the day of the attacks. i want you to watch this report from our senior international correspondent nic robertson. >> this is how the man accused of being norway's most notorious mass killer apparently wants the court to know him. a smiling norwegian nationalist, a serious marksman. not just the cold blooded killer police say stalked and gunned down innocent young victims on a remote rocky island. anders behring breivik believed to post these images to youtube in a 12-minute youtube embedded in a 1500 page manifesto just
12:17 pm
hours before he began his deadly killing spree with a massive car bombing outside government offices. cnn cannot independently verify their authenticity. together the video and manifesto appear to answer how and why the 32-year-old became a mass murderer. the video reveals an intense fear that muslims will dominate europe, an anger what the author calls marxist european governments he blames for doing nothing, and a belief that the christian crusade is the solution, a belief he hid when he met this mainstream right wing politician eight years ago. >> i'm actually sorry, because if he had said something like, that maybe we could have discovered it. >> kallmyr believes he was attracted to his party's
12:18 pm
anti-immigration reputation but found them too moderate. >> i probably thought he would find people inside the progress party that would agree with him or something like that, and he wrote in his manifesto he was disappointed. >> the manifesto titled 2083, a european declaration of independence rales against political inaction. my government and media capitulated. thousands of muslims pouring in annually through asylum or family reunification. these situation is just came on the account. it must be stopped. turns his temper on family and friends cruelly discussing sexual diseases he claims they have had, cataloging their failings. he also reveals why he rented a farm outside oslo to plot
12:19 pm
undetected a mission he describes in graphic detail. i have just completed the explosives research phase and have summarized several new chapters for the compendium. my rifle application came through, and i have now ordered an 800 euro silencer, specifically created for automotive and semiautomatic rifles. needless to say, this is an extremely vulnerable phase. in fact, it is the most vulnerable phase of them all. if i get through this phase without trouble, i will be very close to finalizing my operation. >> the whole ugly episode is so devastating nor wewegians are grasping. too soon to fathom the implications of it. already the question is being asked how did he gets away with
12:20 pm
it. nic robertson, cnn, oslo, norway. >> with us here on cnn, we're going to take you live from oslo in a matter of minutes where this long legal process against anders behring breivik was gun. we learned the maximum prison sentence he could receive is 21 years, 21 years, if convicted on terrorism, bombing, shooting, killing. there are certain conditions that could apply in this case. we'll get into that with my colleague michael holmes outside the courtroom. definitely stick around for that. coming up next, the autopsy is complete. but questions remain, how did amy winehouse die? plus hollywood reacting to the singer's untimely death. we'll check in with a.j. hammer for the story. the hotel maid that accused dominique strauss-kahn. she's not backing down. what she's announcing today. that's coming up.
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now to the death of amy winehouse, not totally unexpected, currently listed as unexplained is what's trending. here is what we know now, a court procedure to determine the circumstances of the death did start today even as parents identified her body and an autopsy was conducted. an official cause of death will have to wait until toxicology results come back in a couple weeks but a family funeral will not. it could be held as early as tomorrow. the death of this young woman with the soulful voice straight out of the early 1960s and a terrible drug problem out of the '70s is ricocheting through the
12:24 pm
entertainment industry. a.j. hammer on hln, a.j. joins me live. a.j., i read a fascinating, i'm sure you read it, too, almost like a tribute from russell brand, a post about amy winehouse he met many years ago. he wrote it on the website. he talks about two types of phone calls addicts families know is coming. the sincere hope is the call will be from the addict themselves telling you they have had enough, telling you they are ready to stop, ready to true something new. you fear the other call, the sad nocturnal chime from a friend or relative telling you it's too late. she's gone. amy winehouse's death has had quite an impact in the entertainment community. who are you hearing from today. >> not surprisingly an avalanche of comments on twitter. one from lady gaga, amy changed pop music forever.
12:25 pm
i remember knowing there was hope and feeling not alone because of her. she lived jazz, lived the blues. amy paved the way for artists like me and made me excited about british music again. i don't think she realized how great her music was. that makes her more charming. i'm incredibly sad about passing i'm proud of her. you mentioned brand, besides knowing winehouse personally he fought his own battle with drugs personally. one thing that sums up how people are feeling is this, whether this tragedy is preventible or not is irrelevant, it is not preventible today. we've lost a beautiful and talented woman to this disease. brooke, you can't say it any more plainly than that. >> it is a disease. we'll talk a little about that next hour. let's talk about the scene outside of winehouse's apartment. it's quite the gathering point for fans. i imagine people are coming from all around the world.
12:26 pm
>> sure. you you'd really expect there to be an international flavor there since you had fans everywhere. their reaction has been incredibly passionate as you can imagine. crowds of fans gathering outside winehouse's home. the home there, flowers and mementos. they have offered comfort to winehouse's family who mingled with fans at the memorial in what was an emotional scene today. in fact, amy's dad thanked the fans for coming saying they are actually making this time easier for the family. >> let's remember a moment, talk about a superstar voice and look on her face a.j. hammer when she won that grammy for song of the year. let's watch this moment again. >> the grammy goes to amy winehouse. there's the look. i mean, she's stunned.
12:27 pm
she was extraordinary. how long, though, a.j., has she been spiraling downward. >> when you look back, it's wild seeing that moment. it clarifies her high point was really pretty brief. it surrounded that time in her life. she only had one significant success with that album, back to black. it came in 2006. you heard adell crediting her for the trend these days. the downward cycle for amy winehouse had been going on for a long time. talking about a woman famous for a song rehab. ultimately her last appearance in belgrade. she was so erratic, booed off the stage there. that was supposed to be the start of her comeback tour. >> that's the video we're looking at. >> it really was the last time we saw her. it's sad to me this is the video footage that will archive the last moment. count me as those saddened by
12:28 pm
her death. i would like to say i'm surprised but sadly i am not. that's what a loot of people were saying about this immense talent. i rooted for her. i imagined the day she would grow into her old soul sound and artistry. >> talk about an amazing voice a.j. hammer, it's sad all the way around. a.j., thank you. i know you guys are putting together a special "showbiz tonight" on hln. you will ask will amy winehouse be a wakeup call? excellent point. will it be a wakeup call to troubled stars like lindsay lohan. coming up here a horrific end to what was supposed to be an outdoor survival course. >> what do you say, we're just so thankful he's alive. >> a brown bear and her cub maul a group of teenagers in the alaskan willness. wait until you hear how long the victims had to wait and sit for help and what they did to save themselves. stay here.
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>> all right. let's get to a quick look at top
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stories competing plans on nation's debt, senate majority leader harry reid released a deal. president obama endorsed. we're just getting that news in the last couple of minutes here. what it includes $2.7 trillion in cuts over 10 years raises the debt ceiling through 2012, no changes to entitlement benefits or taxes. meantime house speaker john boehner's plan, roughly $3 trillion in cuts, raise the debt ceiling in two stages, allow the treasury to continue borrowing through early 2012 but tie the increase to tax reform, entitlement changes death deadline to raise the debt ceiling is eight days away. also this, airlines squashed potential tax break, congress failed to reach a deal to extend faa powers last week airline had to stop charging extra money for cargo, jet fuel, sales taxes. that would have amounted to $50
12:33 pm
big in domestic, $20 internationally. but they will never see the deals. over the weekend they hiked fares by an equivalent amount. nfl lockout is almost over. big news, members of the players association unanimously approved the new labor deal that was reached with the league early this morning. the players still have to vote on the plan but they are expected to approve it. details still not clear yet. team facilities, though, could reportedly open as early as tomorrow with preseason games kicking off august 11th. now to alaska, have you heard about this? four teenagers are in critical condition at this hour after being mauled by a brown bear and her cub. this whole thing happened saturday, seven boys in total in this group, learning survival skills in the alaskan wilderness, not too 23far from deniali national park. one of the men said he thought he was going to die when the
12:34 pm
bear went after him, bit him. he said the other guys made a makeshift bandage out of a garbage bag, fixed him up until the rescuers got there. these boys were involved in this national outdoor leadership school program and they were on their own without an instructor for the very first part of that trip. but after the attack, they did take action, setting up a camp, treating one another's wounds as best they could, activating a personal locater beacon which let authorities know where they were. rescuers finally reached the group by helicopter six hours later but it took another four hours for another aircraft to get there and transport the most seriously injured to the hospital. she is accused of one of the world's -- she's accusing one of the world's most powerful men of assault, the hoegts housekeeper that claims dominique strauss-kahn attacked her is
12:35 pm
breaking her silence. she's not backing down but is she telling the truth? the reporter will sit down. you don't want to miss the details. can sense even a drop of blood from a quarter of a mile away, which razor would you use? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories.
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yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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the hotel maid who accuses one of the financial world's most powerful men of sexual assault is now breaking her silence. her name is nafissatou diallo. she spoke to "newsweek" magazine and abc news about her claims about former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn. she says she's coming forward now because she wants strauss-kahn to face justice, including time in prison. by the way, he has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges of sexual abuse and attempted rape. we learned a couple hours ago diallo's attorney plans to feel a civil case against strauss-kahn later this week. prosecutors still say they are trying to decide whether to move ahead with the criminal case or drop the charges. they say they discovered
12:39 pm
evidence that diallo lied about where she was after the attack in may, also allegedly lying about several incidents about her past. diallo says that doesn't mean she's not telling the truth now. i want you to listen to abc's robin roberts. >> i'm so sorry. i turned my head. he come to me and grab my breasts. no, you don't have to be sorry. i say stop. i don't want to lose my job. stop, stop this, stop this. he won't stop nothing. he keep pushing me, pushing me, pushing me to the hallway, back to the hallway, pushing me. i was so afraid. i was so scared. >> what do you want? >> i want justice. i want him to go to jail. i want him to know you cannot use your power when you do something like this. >> and now we are reading detail after detail from diallo herself in that "newsweek" magazine
12:40 pm
cover story. it's out on the news stands. can you find it just as i did this morning. john solomon sat in on the three-hour interview and co-wrote the piece in the magazine. john, great to have you on. i want to start with why she's talking. it's so rare. as you and i know working a journalism team that you ever hear from an alleged victim. were you pursuing her? duties a call from her attorney out of the blue saying, hey, she wants to talk? how did this go down? >> yeah, you're right. it would be like monica luewinsy talking in the middle of that scandal. when she had made the decision she wanted to go forward, she chose us because she felt like we had a good grasp of the record. that's what she told us. the cover was attractive to her, a magazine that would be on for a whole week, her photo would be
12:41 pm
out there. >> so john, you spent three hours with her in her attorney's office. overall what were your impressions? >> you know, i have three poignant members, almost seeing three personas of the sprer view. in the beginning she was reluctant to talk about her past, africa, why did she lie on the asylum application for the states. shy, looking down. when we got to the attack, she was animated. you could tell the passion. i remember her dropping to the floor on her knees and moving her head about it. >> when she was talking to you, literally got on the floor to show you what happened? >> literally dropped to her knees on the floor. at another point she grabbed her head. you could see her moving her head, thrashing it about. it was a very strong emotional moment when she talked. at the end i have a very strong recollection of how proud she was to be a maid. she could tell you all the minutiae of housekeeping.
12:42 pm
she was glad to be an immigrant that came to the united states. i think one of the questions you ask, why did she fight more, do more? she described pushing and shoving. she was afraid to lose this job she held in high regard. i think that was insightful during the interview. >> she says that over and over, she doesn't want to lose her job. she doesn't want to lose her job. at what point did diallo say she fully comprehend who this white haired man in the room was. >> funny you said the white haired man, the first night in the hotel we have the hospital records, you can see she doesn't know who it is, silver hair, white haired man. the next day the news channel on, sitting with her daughter with her and she realized this was one of the most powerful men in the world, certainly the financial world, the presidential candidate of france. she thought oh, my god i've got to get my daughter out of the hughes. they are going to kill me.
12:43 pm
that was her experience enginii guinea. >> how did she respond. >> straightforward. i did make up a story about rape to get in the country. i told prosecutors i did it because i didn't want people to know i had lied on my application. then what happened? well wasn't that rape but i was raped once by two soldiers. i was out past curfew, picked me up from the place i was working, got raped. described it in detail. she addressed it head on. there was no question she wouldn't answer. we asked up wards of 300 questions over the four hours. >> finally one thing she mentions over and over, she doesn't want to lose her job. at the end of the piece she doesn't want to say, hello, housekeeper, doesn't want to go back to that particular role? what's she want from this, her biggest concern.
12:44 pm
>> the fact she did the interview is a reflection of two goals. the relationship between prosecutors is broken between her attorney and prosecutors. i think this was designed to jump passed them go to american public, court of public opinion. i think the second thing is she wants to push back against anonymous reports that had her pegged as a prostitute or money grubbing con artist. she wanted people to see who she was, an african immigrant and try to make a story directly to the american people. >> your old-fashioned gum shoe reporting paid off. it's an excellent write. i highly recommend it in "newsweek." you and christopher dickey did a fantastic job. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, brooke. >> watch this. >> it's huge. it really is huge. we hope as new york goes, that so goes the country. >> it is a moment hundreds have wait add lifetime for. hundreds of same sex couple line up in new york. one group wants the marriage stopped. that's next.
12:45 pm
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it took just hours for the first legal challenges for new york's same-sex marriage law to emerge today. conservative groups filed a lawsuit in new york's state supreme court aimed at the now enacted marriage equality act. that is the law that makes new york the sixth state to recognize same-sex marriages. weddings began after midnight sunday morning. the state i should licenses for more than 760 couples to marry. folks, that was yesterday alone. one of those weddings officiated by new york city mayor michael jackson bloomberg. the setting, the gracie mansion,
12:48 pm
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12:51 pm
>> buffalo springfield back embarking on a 30-city tour this fall and hitting the rose. how has a group who hasn't played together since the '60s hold up? cnn caught up with two of the band members at this year's bonnaroo musical festival. ♪ when the train came i held my breath ♪ ♪ with my eyes closed >> my primary emotion is relief. because i've been wanting to do this for so long. hi. i'm entirely too old to be here. >> i'm richie furay, i'm just glad to be here. >> me too.
12:52 pm
>> who are you here with? >> the buffalo springfield. >> there's no the. it's just buffalo springfield. >> see, i never knew that. >> it's great fun. you know, when we got together in california last year, it came together like a glove. we tried it in the '80s and it hit the ball. >> the songs held up really remarkable well. and actually, now that we're more mature, they've got a resonance we didn't know they had. >> that's deep. i'm shocked. >> yeah, we were 21 or something? musically, when we're playing, sometimes i literally just go
12:53 pm
back to when, you know, when you remember the good moments of 1965 or '66, you know? and the music, you get lost in it. i do. here we are, we're playing the same songs we played 40 years ago. >> and i just look dazed again. and it's really fun on stage, too just watching steven and neil go back and forth with their guitars. it's exciting to watch that. >> we're going back to recreate, but we're recreating it with a current attitude, if you will.
12:54 pm
♪ and burn with full speed on the ground ♪ ♪ i've learned that it's painful ♪ ♪ coming down >> and thee matically, we used to take on genuine issues with life itself. it's not necessarily time specific at all. >> we're going to get a chance to finish this up and do 30 shows. we're not done yet. >> and my big thank you to the guys and gals at who produce sound check, who love to share those pieces with you on music monday. if i can't quite make it to a show, you can always check out their work. i'm a music lover, too. that's why we do music monday so you can check out some of my previous music mondays. many of you are talking about
12:55 pm
it. we will as well. the sudden death of singer amy winehouse. her battle with drug addiction, certainly not a secret, but her death still comes as a shock to many. we're getting new information on her autopsy. we're going to share those details with you tom coming up. miles per gallon on the highway. how does it do that? well, to get there, a lot of complicated engineering goes into every one. like variable valve timing and turbocharging, active front grille shutters that close at high speeds, and friction reducing -- oh, man, that is complicated. how about this -- cruze eco offers 42 miles per gallon. cool? ♪
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12:57 pm
time now for your cnn equals politics update. let's go to wolf blitzer with the latest. wolf, what do you have?
12:58 pm
>> brooke, thanks very much. we're expecting to hear from the republicans in the house of representatives, i know you'll be covering it momentarily. the house speaker has a proposal that he's putting forward to see if they can advance the situation as far as raising the nation's debt ceiling. only one week to go before the u.s. could potentially default on some of its loans, some of its financial obligations. you heard harry reid come out with his plan a little while ago. harry reid's plan, as you pointed out, has no tax increases which is what the republicans want. at the same time, no real cuts in entitlement spending like social security or medicare. i just posted it on our cnn situation room blog. something very interesting. both the president and the speaker, president obama and john boehner, they were both llg -- willing to upset their respective bases. the president willing to have cuts in entitlement spending, medicare, social security, medicaid, change of cost of
12:59 pm
living index, formulas, for example, what's called means testing a lot of democrats didn't like that, especially on a liberal base. but boehner was willing to anger a lot of republicans by going along with $800 billion in increased tax revenues, if you will. what a lot of people call a net tax increase. the president was seeking another $400 billion in tax revenue or tax increases, if you will. it's still a work in progress. the a week to go, but they really only have a few days. votes in the house, votes in the senate, you have to let people look at it. if one version passes the house, a separate version passes the senate, under normal circumstances, brooke, as you know, there's a joint house-senate conference committee that. co-s up with something sort of in the middle. but right now, i don't know how much time they have to do that. let's see if they can get their act together. what's interesting is the white house endorsed harry reid's
1:00 pm
proposal within the past few minutes or so. one final next the president is looking at comprehensive immigration reform. the problem isn't with the white house or the democrats, he says he had no dance partner. he promised when he was a candidate there would be comprehensive immigration reform. he would take it up in his first year as president. now it's year three. he did reiterate he hopes to get comprehensive immigration reform down the road. right now, he has a much bigger issue, namely trying to raise the debt ceiling. >> let's show that live picture, we are waiting for house speaker john boehner to officially outline some of the details. let's call it the boehner plan. it's essentially two dualing plans.
1:01 pm
you have the boehner plan and senate majority leader harry reid, we heard his plan. and so that is what we have on the table as wolf mentioned. folks need to get their acts together. we're eight days away before the august 2 deadline. now that being said, watch this. one week left and no deal still. i'm brooke baldwin, the news is now. >> they can come up with any plans they want and bring them up here and we will work on them. >> never once did the president ever come to the table with a plan. >> a whole lot of talking but so far, not much team work. which side in washington is willing to give. i'll ask a republican law maker? >> nothing like this has ever happened. we have never passed the point at which the treasury has had enough money to pay the bills. >> plus, the chilling manifesto
1:02 pm
of what's believed to be a madman. why this right-wing christian said the slaughter in norway was necessary. today, fresh concerns he didn't act alone. and the sultry singer with a deadly addiction. >> it is a tragedy. i'm sick of this disease of addiction taking people's lives. >> we are learning new details on amy winehouse's final moments. i don't know how many times i have to say this here. now we're eight days away from the day we've all been told, all financial hell could break loose unless washington increases the nation's borrowing power. we're again waiting for the john boehner plan to be revealed. there are two very different paths to raising the debt kreelling and ensuring the continuing flow of checks to america's creditors. you have this one plan that
1:03 pm
comes from senate majority leader harry reid and the democrats. it would raise the debt ceiling through next year's election. it contains $2.7 trillion in spending cuts over the course of ten years. and the reid plan would not such medicare or other entitlement programs near and dear to the democrats, and it would also not raise taxes. that is a key concern for republicans and a concession among some democrats. but then you have -- and again, is this live, guys? no, this is tape. we're waiting live in the lower right hand corner. there's the boehner two-step plan from house speak isser jn boehner and republicans. they're about to speak any moment now. and we'll bring that to you live. what this plan would do is to cut spending by roughly $3 trillion. it would raise the debt ceiling in two stages. they would do it once now with a vote on a second increase next year. let's talk a lit bit more about this with my guest, the
1:04 pm
republican from georgia. good to have you on the show. forgive me if the house speaker interrupts at any point in time. we have a favague idea of what e house speaker will propose. how will you vote for the house peeker's plan? here he is, let's go. >> today we discussed with our members our two-step approach to cutting spending and avoiding an economic collapse as a result of a default. we believe it's a responsible common sense plan that meets our obligation to the american people and preserves the full faith and credit of the united states government. this legislation reflects a bipartisan negotiation over the weekend with our colleagues in the senate. and as a result of this
1:05 pm
bipartisan negotiation, i would call this plan less than perfect. but it does ensure the spending cuts will be greater than the hike in the debt limit and secondly, there are no tax increases that are part of this plan. it's not cut, cap and balance, but it is built on the principles of cut, cap and balance that can pass the united states senate as well as the united states house. time is running short. i'm urging my house colleagues to support it and i'm urging my senate colleagues to support it as well. and i think it would be irresponsible for the president to veto such legislation because it is a common sense plan and will help us avoid default. it's time to get serious about solving america's problems and i believe that our plan is a good step in the right direction. >> the plan that we just introduced to our members is a well thoughtout and reasoned
1:06 pm
plan in which no side gets all that they want. we tut out our plan as to what it is we want. the cut, cap and balance plan last wee week. this plan is not that. the president said that he wants higher taxes and he wants a vote through the election. this plan doesn't have that in it. this is a responsible plan that addresses the urgency of trying to make sure we avoid default, which i know that we will, but then it sets in motion a process for real cuts so that we can live up to our obligation to the people that sent us here. >> as you heard from the speaker, this plan is not perfect. the president continues to pick politics over people. his only concern when you listen to him is he brings up the election.
1:07 pm
we're more con sernds about the policies and where this country is going. it's one that we worked together, it would make some current cuts and put some caps in for long term to put us on the right path. and it brings up the argument where the republicans are here wanting a balanced budget with the opportunity to have it. i think what has to transpire now is the president has to change his ways. the president has to start putting people before politics. >> all right, let's talk about serendipity. let's go back to the republican congressman of georgia. your house speaker pretty much off the top said look, his plan is less than perfect. do you agree with that? this plan is less than perfect and would you vote for it? >> it is less than perfect and no, i will not vote for it.
1:08 pm
i feel that what we passed in the house of representatives with a bipartisan vote, 234 members voting in support of cap, cut and balance, and we sent to the senate. i think that's compromise enough to cut current spending to cap spending in the future and for future generations to have a balanced budget amendment. 49 out of 50 states have that. i feel quite sure if we get the 2/3 of majority in the house and senate, that 3/4 of them will ratify it in pretty quick order. this is an opportunity in history. you magt say leverage, choke point, whatever. but i think we're missing opportunity and i'm going to continue to hold strong for that vote. >> with all due respect, though, as we watched the numbers last week, we know that the senate did not get the represent number of votes to pass cut, cap and balance.
1:09 pm
i think what we should talk about is what is on the table, which is the news today, which is this plan now unveiled by senator harry reid and this plan unveiled by congressman boehner. my question is -- you're saying -- what is it about boehner's plan that you don't like? >> well, brooke, you asked me a question, a very fair question, would i vote for it and my answer is no. i think with regard to this two-step plan, the next best thing as john boehner points out just momentarily, it has the principles of cut, cap and balance. and i think there will be lots of republicans in our conference voting support of this. i think we'll put up 218 votes
1:10 pm
in support of the two-step approach. i think john boehner has gotten the commitment from the majority leader, the democrats in the senate to also support this and send it to the president. then it's up to him. if he wants to continue to have that statement of administrative policy, he's going to veto anything that doesn't get him past the next election in regard to debt limit increases, then he is playing politics with the american people and shame on him. >> let's talk, though, act the democrats. it's not just speaker boehner who has as plan today, it's also senator reid. he's proposed raising the debt ceiling and this has been seen very much a concession to your party, not at all raising taxes. would you support his plan if it is passed by the senate and comes far vote in the house? >> i would not support that plan. and you know, the interesting thing about that is the deal, the agreement really.
1:11 pm
tt bipartisan agreement to come together and compromise was made among the republican leaders and democratic leaders last night, as late as maybe 11:00 p.m. and all of a sudden this morning, majority leader reid coming up with all right, $2.7 trillion cuts and we'll give the president his $2.4 trillion hike in the debt ceiling. where are you going to come up with $2.7 trillion in cuts if there's no tax increases and there's no touching entitlement programs? you're trying to get that much cut out of, what, 12% of the entire budget? of. >> congressman -- >> i would not vote for that. >> let me ask you this one final question as we're all voting through these numbers and deadlines and time limits and debt ceiling. help americans understand why members of congress on both
1:12 pm
sides of the aisle have waited this late to get this deal done. this has been going on for a long time. the biden commission -- group, not commission -- meeting with members with eric cantor and others, this has been going on for months. i think, you know, quite honestly, the democratic president and vice president are moving the goal posts. this big deal with or $4 trillion of cuts agreed to by the president in talking with our speaker with john boehner, and all of a sudden the president tells the speaker, i have to have another $400 billion worth of revenues. he wants tax increases. >> sure, and -- >> as john boehner said yesterday, they're on different planets and unfortunately we are on different planets. they want to spend, we want to
1:13 pm
lower taxes and let the economy stimulate itself. >> i respect your opinion and i know folks on your side that the goal posts are moving and on the other side, they say that end zone is way far in the other direction. but we have eight days and that is one number we can all agree upon. thank you so much, sir, for coming on. appreciate it. coming up here, the man who said he slaughtered 76 people in norway, does a 1,500-page manifesto. does it hold clues as to the puzzling question of why? why did he do this? we're going to check in with that store tri next. plus this -- >> what do you say? with we're so glad he's alive. . >> a brown bear and her cub are mauled in the alaska wilderness. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i---
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try megared today. thousands upon thousands of people gathered in quiet reflection today in the city center of oslo, norway. they brought flower, they brought national flags to show their sol lairty, but most importantly, they just brought themselves. people held one another, they cried. norway's prime minister spoke to the crowd. look at this scene. about 150,000 people are estimated to have shown up. the prime minister said, quote, evil can kill a person but never conquer a people. it's just three days since a bomb and shooting spree left at least 76 people dead in and near oslo. the man who confessed to it all appeared before a judge for the first time today. let's go live to my colleague michael holmess. i saw you on television around 7:00 eastern our time at that courthouse earlier. now you're in the middle of the
1:17 pm
city where i know thousands of people share your grief today. just talk to me about what life is like now in oslo. >> yeah, brook, you mentioned the gathering about a 15 minute walk from here. so many people showed up, they asked them to stop the march early. nay made the 15-minute walk down to the cathedral. there's a carpet of flowers that people are standing around there at the moment. it's going to be 40 yards or so by 20 yards wide. it's a very solid move and there were marches in other parts of the country as well. people are really coming together as this tragedy, or the fallout of this tragedy continues, brooke? >> and they're coming together
1:18 pm
because of the horrific events that unfolded because of this man. tell me about breivik. you were outside the court this morning. press cameras were not allowed inside. what did he say? what is next in this process? >> it's a very open judicial system. and the media thought we would be able to get in and hear the court hearing. the police asked the judge to make it closed, which is fairly unprecedented. the reason being, they thought brefic might use the occasion to send a message to possible co-conspirators on the outside. he apparently said he worked with two cells in organization of the carrying out on friday. the judge held a news kofshs and outlined a lot of the things that breivik has been saying in the court hearing and also to police, things like he pled not guilty, but he did say he carried out these things. he said he needed to carry them out to save europe from
1:19 pm
multiculturism and islamic takeover. extremely radical stuff. he's been remanded in custody for eight weeks. that's when he'll appear in court again. so eight weeks, he'll be back in court. talking to a law professor earlier. if the trial goes ahead as it looks like it will, you might not get a verdict for another year. he pled not guilty? why? by pleading not guilty he gets a trial and a stage to tell his side of the story, if you know what i mean. he'll be able to spread more of the diatribe he's come out with. >> the stories that are coming out. talk to me about this amazing man you met who fortunately had
1:20 pm
a boat. >> he got a call from a friend when the shootings began. he and other people, local residents jumped into the boats, went over to the island while this was going on and started rescuing kids from the shoreline. he took on 14 in his first trip. it's a pretty small boat. i think we got a sound bite of a moment that one girl on his boat turned to him. have a listen. >> the girl started crying and looked at me and said are you police? i said no, i'm just a local resident. and she got a little relief by that and she looked at me and said you know, it was a policeman with a uniform with a bald head who start shooting us. >> that's because breivik, of course, was pretending to be a policeman when he went to the island. he's a luely guy.
1:21 pm
one of the saddest things he said, he went there three times. on the trip, he saw three kids huddled together. he said they were hiding and wouldn't move. he went back the next time and that's when he realized those kids were dead. he did amazing things. took dozens of kids off. real local heroes, brooke. >> it is unreal. at least the death toll, once at 93, now down to 76. michael holmes for me in oslo. thank you. still to come, she had the voice, the stardom, but amy winehouse also suffered from a deadly addiction.
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
after the death of amy
1:24 pm
winehouse, not totally unexpected, it's currently listed, her death is unexplained. that's what's trending today. a court proceed dour to determine the circumstances started today, even as her parents identified her body and an autopsy was conducted. an official cause to have death will have to wait until the toxicology test results do come back in a couple of weeks, but a family funeral will continue on. we're hearing it could happen as early as tomorrow. and the death of this young woman with a soulful voes, straight out of the 1960s, and a terrible drug problem, straight out of the '70s, is really ricochetting through the entertainment industry. russell brand, he wrote a long post about amy winehouse on his own website. he's a recovering addict. he calls it for amy. in this whole thing, he talks about his phone call. it could be one of two calls that addicts and loved ones know too well. the sincere hope is that the call will be from the addict themselves, that they've had
1:25 pm
enough, they're ready to change. of course, you fear the other call from a friend, a relative, telling you it's too late, she's gone. >> and now if it's interesting and happening no uh, you're about to see it, "rapid fire." let's go. are you ready for football? 4 1/2-month-old lockout. players unanimously agreed to a deal. the players are expected to approve it. details haven't been released. but it's said to cover safety issues and pensions and team facilities could open as early as tomorrow. venezuelan president hugo chavez not letting his cancer treatments keeping him from running for reelection. he's quoted in a state-run newspaper as saying he hasn't thought, quote, unquote, even for an instant of pulling out of next year's race. he has not yet said, though, what type of cancer he has. and raw video clips of michael
1:26 pm
jackson's final rehearsals will not be shown in the involuntary manslaughter of the late singer's doctor conrad murray. murray is charged with allegedly giving jackson a fatal dose of a surgical anesthetic. both defense and prosecutors wanted to show these particular rehearsal clips to jurors, but the judge shot down that request today. and crazy turn of events after this alleged robbery in houston. a man reportedly goes into an office, demands money, runs out of there with more than $800. but get this, one of the victims, a 72-year-old former marine, hops into his car, chases the alleged robber down in a mall parking lot. the man fires at a car, misses. the ex-marine then runs his car into the man, pinning him into that metal fence. he later died. authorities are still investigating that case. and in alaska, four teenagers are in critical condition right
1:27 pm
now after being mauled by a brown bear and her cub. this happened saturday. there were seven boys in this particular group. they were out there trying to learn survival skills. they were out there on their own without an instructor for this particular trip. one boy said he thought he was going to die when a bear went after him and bit him. he said the other guys made a makeshift bandage out of a garbage bag, fixed him up until rescuers got there. rescuers reached the group by helicopter around six hours after they managed to activate a personal locator beacon which identified their location. then it took another four hours for another aircraft to get there and take the most seriously injured to the hospital. and president obama will deliver a prime time address to the nation at 9:00 p.m. tonight eastern time on this debt deal.
1:28 pm
wolf blitzer will lead our coverage. 9:00 p.m. tonight. best political team on television. i know you will be tuned in and i will be as well. a shocking number of americans are feel iing doom and gloom abt the economy. we have more coming up in your political ticker next. i remember the days before copd. my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function,
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an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money to buy a car that's one model-year newer with 15,000 fewer miles on it. there's no other auto insurance product like it. better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? before we check out the latest news hot off the
1:31 pm
political ticker. folks, we are eight days away from this debt ceiling deadline. as we heard both parties go back and forth, back and forth, we now have news that the president will be addressing the nation 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. in fact, according to white house spokesman, potus to address the nation at 9:00 tonight. this is all regarding the stalemate over avoiding default and the best approach to cutting deficits. watch cnn, best political team. as always on television, led by wolf blitzer. 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. as we talk economy and a lot of jitters, let's go to the political ticker. you have some numbers on how americans are feeling about the economy. >> that's right. the president is feeling pressure about the debt talks. one of the items out there that is putting a lot of press shoor on the president right now is the economy, the state of the economy obviously is not good.
1:32 pm
and public attitudes about the economy are pretty close at or near an all-time low. take a look at this poll that we're putting out right now from cnn and orc. 84% of the american people believe that the economy is in poor shape right now. contrast that with 16% and you may be wondering out there, who are those 16% out there. a lot of people looking at the economic situation right now. in's a lot of frustration with these debt talk gois going on i washington right now. besides the debt talks, if there is another story, it's a lot of buzzlement over the current predicament facing oregon congressman david wu. house minority leader, the democratic leader, nancy pelosi has called for an ethics investigation into what essentially came out of an "oregonian" report a few days ago that said that congressman wu made an unwanted advance
1:33 pm
towards a young woman. so it looks like the house will be investigating this. and at this point, congressman wu has not decided to step dowi may not run for reelection. >> appreciate that. this news just into us regarding amy winehouse. her press ats confirm her funeral will take place tomorrow. we still don't know the where, the when. but we can have report now that it will happen tomorrow. we are told it will be small. it will be private. just a few friends and family will be invited to attend. the federal government to can no longer afford certain taxes on your airfare.
1:34 pm
that should mean cheaper tickets, right? not so fast. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. ♪ ♪ i'm back in the saddle again ♪ ♪ out where a friend is a friend ♪ [ gulps ] ♪ where the longhorn cattle feed ♪ ♪ on the lowly gypsum weed ♪ back in the saddle again see how affordable an rv vacation can be. visit and watch a free video.
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1:37 pm
. >> a couple of stories we're juggling today. we have pro football getting a deal, the faa funding expires and some of your meds are about to get a little cheaper. david mattingly, let's begin with you here in atlanta where nfl owners and players, or at least the reps of the players have reached a deal to play football again. do we now officially have an agreement? >> we essentially know today, right now, that the lockout is over. everyone is proceeding now to just finish out the procedures that have to follow. they have to recertify their union. the players supported the deal 100%. it was unanimous. now everyone says let's play football. >> will the season start on time a. and b, which is the nick impact on this? >> the only thing that's been a casualty so far has been the hall of fame game. they're not going to be able to
1:38 pm
play that. but everything else is intact. so from a fan standpoint, this season should not look any different than last. >> okay. next, the airline savings that never happened. funding for the faa expired. that was last week. some thought it would lower airline ticket prices. you know, what we have to pay for extra bag, et cetera, but that didn't happen. why not? >> because congress didn't reauthorize the faa, they haven't been charging airfare since saturday. you'd think we would get a little savings. it's not happening in most cases. th what they've done is raising fares the samt amount of the tax.
1:39 pm
we won't be saving money, but there are other carrier s carrig this as a tax holiday. >> maybe that's a good way to approach 24 from a corporate strategy. not every single carrier has raised prices. they're saying have a tax holiday and virgin has a whitty promotion. they say hate taxes, take flight. i love it. your prescription drugs may be cheaper sooner. >> what you spend on airfare, you can save at the pharmacy. when a drug company invents a drug, it gets a number of years
1:40 pm
of exclusivity. if they have exclusivity, what do their prices do? they're way high. but a number of theeg drugs are doing what's called going off patent in the next year, which means that other people can make it, too. and you can have competition. drugs like lipitor, plavix, singulair and lexapro will be alloweded to go generic the next few months. >> if you're sitting there and you recognize those drugs and you're taking them right now, what do you do? >> okay first, let me tell you the savings that you can get. it's really going to be stunning when it does happen. let's say you don't have enshurns. you're going to pay 185 a month. that's the cost per month if you don't have insurance.
1:41 pm
some of them ma i be on the $4 generic list. it's a huge, huge price difference. >> huge price. but let's say before this comes generic and the doctor prescribes more expensive drugs. >> you can say there's something left? it's for allergies. there's a lot of allergy drugs out there. there are plenty of less expensive things you can ask about. is there something less expensive that might work just as well. >> sometimes people are embarrassed because it's about
1:42 pm
money. but often times there are happier alternatives that work just as well so just ask the question. still to come, she is one of the world's powerful men of sexual assault. now the hotel housekeeper who said dominique strauss-kahn attacked her. she is breaking her silence. is she telling the truth? we'll have more on that in a second. but first, as we go to break, i want to remind you, the president will be addressing the nation tonight, 9:00 eastern. he's going to be talking about the stalemate over the nation's debt. when we're talking about $14 trillion that america owes, who does that? owe owns it? here we go, here's a list. at number five, japan owns a little more than 6%. at number four, american households are not far behind,
1:43 pm
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what's your policy? >> soo you thought about it. china with $1.1 trillion. now china, topped only by the u.s. treasury, which owns $1.6 trillion of the debt and the biggest stakeholder here? number one, 19% ownership of our nation's debt, the social security trust fund with more than $2.5 trillion worth. and the hotel maid who was accusing one of the financial
1:46 pm
world's most powerful men of sexual assault is now coming forward. she spoke wf "newsweek"ing as and also to abc news just recently about her claim against former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn. she said she's coming forward now because she wants h him to face justice, including time in prison. keep in mind, he has pleaded not guilty. we learned just a couple of hours ago that her attorney plans ton filing a civil case against strauss-kahn this week. prosecutors say they're trying to determine whether to move on with the criminal case or drop the charges. they say they discovered evidence that she lied about where she was back in may and lying about certain incidents in her own past. i spoke with john solomon.
1:47 pm
he sat in on this three-hour interview with this woman and co-wrote the article in "newsweek" magazine. >> very beginning, she was very reluctant to talk about things in her past, where she had been in africa. very shy, looking down and away from her. when we got to the point of the attack, she became very animated and you could tell the passion and anger would come out in the interview. >> she literally got on the floor to show you what happened? >> literally dropped to her knees on the floor. at another point, she grabbed her head and thrashing it about. and then at the end, i have a very strong recollection of how proud she was to be a maid. she could tell you all the minutia of housekeeping and how shed did her job.
1:48 pm
why didn't she fight more? she described a little bit more pushing and shoving. she was afraid to lose this job and i think that was very insignatureful during the interview. >> strauss-kahn is expected back in court. coming up, all debt talk all the time at the white house, it seems, but president obama took some time out for some special guests to you had. we'll tell you who.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
so my buddy joe johns is off today. that's not stopping us from giving you your daily dose of political pop. i want to begin at the white house. president obama actually did take a short break from all this
1:51 pm
debt negotiation talk to play a little baseball. sort of. he welcomed these guys behind us. these are the san francisco giants. he's congratulating them on winning the world series. but there is a back story to this visit. you're thinking hello, it's july. the giants were actually scheduled to visit the white house months and months ago. the whole visit was postponed because at the time, the president had his hands full with the covert mission to kill osama bin laden. >> and cupcakes, nancy pelosi was particularly excited for the giants visit to the white house today that the california congresswoman reportedly splurged and bought cupcakes decorated with the san francisco giants logo. she shipped them to the bay area members of congress, as well as the first family. no word yet on what cupcake shop in dc she got them from.
1:52 pm
and now for a quick look at what's coming up, let's talk to wolf. and wolf, let's just get to this announcement. the president speaking to the nation. what he is going to say? enough is enough? >> not just speaking to the nation from the white house pipt's the briefing room. it's the east room, that's the very formal setting. not at 6:00 p.m. eastern. he's asked the broadcast networks for time. he he obviously is going to make the case that it's not the republicans, the conservativcon. as you know, there are two plans on the table, the harry reid plan that now supports the john boehner plan. calls for another vote at some point next year. the president would veto that plan. is there some common ground at this late moment with one week to go.
1:53 pm
they still have to have votes. can they come up with some sort of compromise? nay eve given up on any dax revenue increases, any tax increases that doesn't exist in harry reid's plan. as far as some of the concessions that john boehner is making. they're significant. we're going through all of that, starting at the top of the hour. and a special show at 8:00 p.m. herein. make no mistake, the entire world is watching and listening right now. still to come here, it is a highly publicized trial. the man accused of making a 12-year-old girl his wife. how will they seat the jury in this case. warren jeffs is on trial starting today. we're on the case next. it requires determination and decisive action.
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
they looked at the weapon, a knife, and kircher's bra clasp and it'sing s shocking. it december bunked the evidence for both. >> what they have found was that the evidence that the prosecutors relied on at first was flimsy at best and that the dna was contaminated, it did not show to be amanda knox's and didn't even have meredith's dna on the infamous bra strap. >> so to be clear, this panel here, they were totally independent. i mean, no ties to either the prosecution or the defense? >> that's absolutely correct. and this was done in a way that we use inlingo, mumbo jumbo world. they looked at the whole case without a corrupt prosecutor, a
1:58 pm
new jury, and without having that media beating down on them which they did in the first case. >> and this panel, this wasn't just a simple no, yes, there's d dna evidence. this was a 145-page report that they put out and it comes down very hard on the police in that initial investigation. are you surprised at all by tha that? >> i spoke with one of the lead lawyers here in the united states. what she said in her description of the crime scene photos was that this crime scene photo and the collection looked like a high school party. the bra went from being a white bra and a black bra because it was thrown around the floor so many times. it would never have passed muster here in the united states and only is giving justice to amanda final. hopefully we'll see her released in september. >> i was talking to her mother on this show not too long ago. how early -- you said september
1:59 pm
is the earliest we could see her released? >> right. from what i understand, after four birthdays and three chistmases in prison, spending a year in an italian jail before even being charged, the date that we're looking at and the date that ann bremner is telling us is september 5 they could walk out, get out of prison, and get on the plane and finally have the barbecue she wants to have with her family in seattle. >> case number two, quickly. back in 2008, authorities raided the west texas ranch. they took all the kids away. they believed the underaged girls were being forced to marry these older men. the group's leader finally going on trial of sex assault charges. warren jeffs allegedly married to these girls. how difficult is it to seat a jury in this town. >> well, listen, they have sent out questionnaires privatety to all prospective jurors. but d


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